The importance of creative joy

Shannel Wheeler
3 min readMay 10, 2022

Some of the most memorable and impactful design projects I’ve ever worked on are the ones that I actually enjoyed creating. These were projects that elevated my growth, created a huge impact on others, or gave me a feeling of purpose — from my own business projects to challenging client projects to writing personal blogs.

It’s one thing to create out of obligation. It’s another thing to create because you actually want to. Graphic design can be challenging and stressful at times — solving visual problems, translating thoughts to the screen, thinking critically, getting it pixel-perfect, learning new software techniques, juggling deadlines, collaborating with sometimes difficult people, and managing projects and workflow. It can be a lot!

On the other hand, have you ever felt the strong pull of creativity — those defining moments when a thought randomly comes to you that you must express RIGHT NOW? I know I have! It could be an urge to write a blog, the sudden necessity to draw a concept, or that undeniable urgency to get a surprisingly inspiring idea out into the world. In these moments, it may seem like nothing else is as important as manifesting your thoughts into reality. You enter into a state of “flow” — the creative bliss that makes you lose track of time and feel full of life and purpose.

The reality is that those moments are fleeting and we all have life responsibilities to fulfill. But those undeniable moments are still the lifeblood of the creative person; the joy of creating is what we hope to experience each time we reach for our laptop or a sheet of paper. Those moments of joy — seeing ideas come to life for yourself or for someone else — are the fuel that keeps us going on this creative journey.

Don’t lose your creative joy. It’s not only important to find enjoyment in what you’re doing but to be more intentional about creating those experiences. Realistically, you won’t find it in every design project, but you can still create with intention:

  • evaluate the types of people that you have worked with — who energizes you and helps you grow?
  • work on a personal project that excites you / prioritize your own goals
  • follow your creative instincts and give yourself permission to explore various creative avenues
Shannel Wheeler

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