How to ADAPT as a creative this year

Shannel Wheeler
4 min readJan 21

“A recession is looming”

“AI is going to take over”

“Company XYZ had layoffs, too”

“Everyone is battling for attention”

I’m sure you’ve heard at least one of these statements on the news, in online chatter, or in daily conversations. Even though we’re in a new year, there always seems to be more bad news or changes we have to look out for. In the midst of these looming sentiments, are you waiting to “see what happens” before you act on your next creative goal or idea?

What do we do when facing doubt, fear, or uncertainty? The truth is, even in the midst of negativity, there are still plenty of opportunities to create and make an impact. Instead of pulling back, why not use the power of “now”? NOW is actually the best time to create, move forward, and to A.D.A.P.T.

A - Always remember your why

Grounding yourself with purpose will help you navigate through all the noise. Why do you create? What do you love about it? Why do you want to learn more? Remember your core goals and let them drive you forward.

Challenge: Write down at least two reasons why you [insert your creative field here]. Is it for impact, more income, creativve freedom? Be honest about your reasons and let them fuel you!

D - Deepen your focus

Distraction is often the enemy of progress. If you haven’t been able to get past a certain level in your creative career, do an honest assessment of your level of focus in that area. Whatever you focus on expands; what takes up the most space in your time or mind, currently? Are you hungry for better focus?

Challenge: Identify an area that you need to improve in (software, core concepts, problem-solving, etc) and how you can increase your focus in that area.

AAdjust where necessary

In order to adapt to the times, we must adjust. If you freelance, adjust your offerings, prices, or processes to serve you and your clients better. If you’ve been using a creative process that isn’t working well (or not using one at all), then maybe it’s time to change the way you are doing things. Could it be avoiding the…

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