Forty Lessons from Turning 40

Shannel Wheeler
2 min readOct 8, 2023

I recently turned forty. Here are just a few of the many lessons that I have reflected upon and learned along the way:

  1. I am responsible for my own life
  2. No one cares
  3. It’s not too late
  4. Don’t take time for granted
  5. I am worthy
  6. Who cares what they think
  7. Ask for what you want
  8. Do not make assumptions
  9. Actions speak MUCH louder than words
  10. Everyone is winging it, in some form or fashion
  11. Everything isn’t for everyone
  12. The word “friend” has been overused — real friendship requires some sort of reciprocity
  13. When motivation leaves, discipline should step in
  14. Distraction is both a loud and silent enemy
  15. Equal contribution isn’t always necessary, but equal sacrifice is
  16. I can’t do everything on my own
  17. Professing to have faith and actually living by it are two very different things
  18. People will unknowingly project their insecurities onto you
  19. It’s okay to disagree; everyone does not need to be convinced of my opinion
  20. Happiness is variable; peace is the goal
  21. Trust your gut
  22. There’s a price for freedom
  23. The desire to truly understand something would eliminate a lot of problems (“In all thy getting, get understanding…”)
  24. Reading really is fundamental
  25. Don’t delay in asking yourself tough questions that you’ve been avoiding. Dare to answer them honestly
  26. I’m starting to lose touch with the latest trends…and I’m okay with that
  27. Naps are underrated
  28. Uniqueness is encouraged, but conformity is praised
  29. Whatever you focus on expands; whatever you believe is what you will see
  30. The mind can open doors but also create the tallest walls
  31. My body can’t do exactly what it used to do
  32. Maintaining successful relationships takes continuous…



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