9 Ways to Find Design Work

Shannel Wheeler
3 min readOct 16, 2023

If you hear anyone declaring that there are no more opportunities out there for designers, you’re listening to the wrong people. Finding new opportunities to learn, grow, gain experience, and make money in graphic design is dependent on a few things on your part:

  • open-mindedness and a willingness to learn/apply something new
  • get out of your comfort zone (aww man!)
  • a curious mind/eye
  • focus and intention (not distraction)
  • perseverance (don’t give up after 3 tries)

Here are 9 ways to find design opportunities to reach your goals:

1. Ask for it

You mean, literally asking a real human if they need design help? Yes. Example: “I’d like to propose a conversation to help you with your XYZ project. Are you open to that?” This requires conversations or thoughtful outreach to new or known prospective clients/jobs — and a bit of courage. Sometimes we have not, simply because we ask not.

2. Attend Networking Events/Meetups/Conferences

This may be a tough one for hardcore introverts, but meeting up with people in person can strike quicker conversations and garner an introductory level of trust. Check out Meetup.com, Eventbrite, 10times, and many others to find out what’s happening in your area or somewhere else.

3. Check out Online Groups/Communities

There’s an abundance of design, industry-related, and topic-related online groups that form every day. You can search them in places like Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Discord — even SkillShare. Try search terms like, “logo group”, “graphic design group”, “graphic design for [insert your demographic]”, or even associate it with your city or state.

4. Search Mainstream Job Sites

LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, Getwork, FlexJobs, Wellfound, and Snagajob are just a few.

5. Join Design Networks and Organizations

Explore online design networks like Behance, Twine, Dribbble, Deviant-Art, and Graphic Design Forum that offer ways to display your portfolio…



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