6 Ways to Gain Visibility and Work as a Designer

Shannel Wheeler
2 min readMar 17
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

For those who believe that work opportunities may be drying up or that they’ve overturned every rock to no avail—are you sure? When it comes to finding paid work for your design skills, there are many places to find them. Sometimes it’s just a matter of awareness and then leveraging your newfound knowledge to get what you want.

I’m certain there are more, but here are six ways to gain visibility and find work as a designer:

LinkedIn: Use the “Jobs” tab, make connections, and post helpful content about your area(s) of interest to create more awareness and visibility about what you do.

👨🏽‍💻 Job Boards: There are plenty of places (Indeed, Monster, Google Jobs, ZipRecruiter, etc.) that post new jobs and opportunities daily.

💼 Behance/Dribbble Network: Join a vast network of other designers and share your best work. Jobs and freelance opportunities are posted here as well.

🎯 Online Design/Creative groups: Find groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, or elsewhere that focus on your area of interest. You can make some really meaningful connections here. People often post work requests that you might not find on a job board.

🛒 Creative Marketplaces like UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.: Enter at your own risk ⚠️

🗣 Talking to people IRL: This might be one of the most underrated routes. Be willing to talk to others and ask for what you want — real human conversations bring more value and context.

Remember the golden rule: There’s no progress without action.

Don’t just sign up for a platform and never post your work, join an online group just to be inactive, or get notifications for a job board and then never apply to any jobs. If you want the work, you have to put in the work. Opportunities rarely fall into your lap—you must take consistent action to attain the goal you are striving for. There may be more “no’s” than “yeses”, but you can’t get to the “yes” if you’re sitting on the sidelines.

So let’s start with this blog! Drop your portfolio link for visibility! Here’s my Behance link; I’d be happy to follow your Behance page as well if you’re there. Best wishes ✨

Shannel Wheeler

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