5 Roadblocks to Visual Messaging

Shannel Wheeler
3 min readFeb 23

Why it can be hard to bring ideas to life…

You know that feeling. That feeling when you have a great idea in your mind, but it turns out totally different on paper. Or that feeling of starting a project but being stopped in your tracks because something was missing. Designers, especially, face this dilemma often.

Why does this happen? Well, there could be a few roadblocks in the way of visually executing your ideas. Here’s a quick list of some common challenges and possible solutions to overcome them:

1. Information Gap

When there isn’t enough information about the overall message to be conveyed, the audience, and/or how the message will be displayed
(i.e. large print or small digital graphic), it can be difficult to move forward.

Solution: Ask more meaningful questions and/or conduct research to fill knowledge gaps.

2. Competency Gap

A lack of knowledge of how to apply design principles like color, imagery, typography, etc. can make execution difficult. The message is clear but the ability to visually express it effectively is lacking.

Solution: Continuously build foundational skills through learning and practice to make better design decisions. Study similar examples for guidance and inspiration.

3. Decision Fatigue

Too many options, or not being able to choose a direction, can stifle progress.

Solution: Too many options results from a lack of clarity. Conduct more discovery or reevaluate objectives to gather insights that narrow the direction.

Shannel Wheeler

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