5 Design Updates to Consider Before 2023

Shannel Wheeler
4 min readDec 6, 2022

Keeping up with technology is part of the reality of design. Because things change at a rapid pace, it’s always good to keep your eyes and ears open to what’s coming up next. Here are a few critical updates to prepare for before the New Year:

1. Pantone license changes

Unfortunately, Adobe has removed support for free Pantone colors in the Creative Cloud. Since its August update, some Pantone color books were phased out of programs like Illustrator and Photoshop (files containing those phased-out colors may now display black in their place). Users must now purchase a $15/mo premium license by signing up for Pantone Connect and upgrading to regain access to those phased-out color books. For those who frequently use Pantone swatches for printed work, be aware of this change. If you don’t, then no biggie.

2. Type 1 fonts

Don’t ignore this message if you’ve seen it pop up. Beginning in January 2023, Adobe will disable support for Type 1 fonts (not to be confused with Open Type and True Type fonts). Admittedly, this format has been around for almost 40 years and its technology is a bit archaic compared to newer font technology, so it makes sense to phase them out. This most likely won’t be an issue for many, but if you have created any designs in the past (perhaps relevant client-facing or shared files) with a Type 1 font, just know that these fonts will probably be replaced by some default font if you don’t actively swap them out. Again, the pop-up message in your Adobe Programs will notify you if you happen to be using a Type 1 font; you can also identify these fonts by scrolling through your font list and seeing a “T1” icon on relevant fonts.

3. Low-code platforms

If you also dabble (or dive deep) in web/mobile design, then there are even more “low-code” or “no-code” options emerging to make life a bit easier. Although these have been around for a while, these are great options to learn and understand how they could be beneficial to your workflow or for your clients. These platforms still require a certain level of…



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